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MATRIC MATTERS: Waste Stream Analysis, Technology Evaluation

MATRIC was engaged to analyze a waste stream and provide a technology assessment for treating this stream. After characterization of the stream, a technology assessment was conducted to identify readily available and proven processing solutions. Two options were identified, and an economic evaluation of the alternatives was prepared. Quotes from vendors of the technologies were [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Heterogeneous Catalysis, Process Development

A startup company had a concept for a process based on selective oxidation of a light hydrocarbon, but needed experimental data to develop the process design and provide input for economic evaluation. MATRIC undertook a laboratory program that began with formulation and preparation of catalysts. A continuous test unit was constructed and catalysts were studied [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: The Science of Modern-Day Brewing

In ancient times, beer brewers relied on trial and error to perfect their beverages, not knowing much about the biology or chemistry that took place as they converted their fields of grain to glasses of beer. Today, many early brewing techniques have survived, but dissecting and understanding the science of brewing has led to more [...]

MATRIC Chemist Named a Buckeye Leadership Fellows Mentor

MATRIC chemist Dr. Eric King has led a number of research projects for our customers, including catalyst testing and product analysis. Now, Dr. King is also helping to guide the next generation of chemists and professionals. Dr. King was recently selected to mentor a candidate that applied for the Ohio State University Buckeye Leadership Fellows [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Process Hazard Assessment

MATRIC was engaged to provide an expert team of reviewers to perform a process hazard identification, analysis, and assessment of potential gaps related to the mitigation of hazards for a newly constructed pilot facility. The client provided MATRIC with a package of supporting documentation, which was reviewed in the preparation phase. MATRIC staff then met [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Fermentation Product Isolation, Conceptual Process Design

A biological and chemical technology company had engineered an organism useful for generating a fermentation product of interest. Assistance was requested from MATRIC on isolating and purifying the product, which was obtained in a dilute aqueous broth. The first activity undertaken was to develop a preliminary process design, including an analysis of the very approximate [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Oxidation, Proof of Concept

A small company had originated a novel process concept for conversion of inexpensive starting materials into products of interest in an oxidation process. MATRIC assembled a small continuous reaction system to determine the viability of the process. A number of runs were carried out under a variety of conditions. The results allowed the company to [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Catalyst Validation

A manufacturing company wanted to evaluate the performance of a new batch ofcatalyst before replacing their current operating catalyst with the new material. MATRIC set up a catalyst test unit that allowed the concurrent testing of the new batch along with samples of previous batches. Results allowed the company to reduce the risk in switching [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Catalytic Oxidation, Proof of Concept

A company wanted to evaluate the feasibility of carrying out a liquid-phase oxidation as a route to a product of interest. MATRIC assembled a pressure reaction system with a continuous oxidant flow and carried out tests under a range of conditions to examine the effects on the reaction. Results allowed the company to develop a [...]